This is in response to David T. Lancaster’s letter advocating for voting for a third party. While I admire Mr. Lancaster’s dedication to principles, I must disagree with his statement, “I am not wasting my vote.” Come Nov. 3 (or whenever the vote count is finished), either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will have been elected to the presidency for the next four years. In our current political climate, a vote for a third party or a refusal to vote helps Trump. Thus, Mr. Lancaster, by voting for a third party, in reality might as well vote for Trump.

Biden is not the perfect candidate. He was not my first choice (or second or third), but he is a decent, honest man of integrity and compassion. We could all use a little of that after listening to Trump’s vitriol for the last four years and watching him dismantle democracy.

Kendra Houser, Millcreek