The dishonesty and lack of compassion in the highest levels of government have driven this introvert well out of her comfort zone. The effort to preserve our flawed and fragile democracy demanded my participation: I registered voters; I canvassed. Now, I have actually learned to phone total strangers to talk to them about why I am voting to reelect Rep. Ben McAdams. I know he understands the importance of providing access to health care, not taking it away from people — especially during a pandemic. I know he will defend Medicare and Social Security and will not vote to privatize these vital programs. I know he understands we need clean water and air, and that climate change is a real and present threat. And I know he will listen to his constituents.

Often when I reach supportive voters on the phone, they say, “He is a good guy,” or “I think he is doing a good job,” or even “He listens to people.” There are times I may disagree with Ben, but I understand that a gerrymandered district is hard to represent well. The bottom line is that over the last two years, he has acted with decency and integrity, honoring his central message: “People over party.”

Mary Jo Hinsdale, Salt Lake City