I do not believe a democracy can survive when some 40% of its population believes there is nothing their leader could do that would cause them to withdraw their support.

I further believe that the vast majority of Republicans in this country believe their president is not only above the law, but above reproach. Even Republican politicians who found him reprehensible and completely unfit for the job four years ago now claim he can do no wrong.

It is horrifying to consider that support for Donald Trump among Republicans has not really changed significantly at least since January. Since January, the number of statements, actions and executive orders that should have caused supporters to question their judgement could (and has) filled several books. A few examples include:

• Lies, now numbering some 20,000, including about his knowledge of the coronavirus pandemic’s severity.

• A staggering level of incompetence documented by former insiders and by his own words.

• An undermining of almost every American institution, from the military to the postal service and everything in between.

• Increasingly authoritarian statements and actions, including a pronouncement that he should have three or more terms, and ordering the military to tear gas peaceful protesters.

• Racist and xenophobic statements that are becoming more blatant and divisive every day.

• Increasingly transparent attempts at voter suppressions.

The case against Trump has been made over and over again in thousands of editorials, letters and speeches, more eloquent and thoughtful then mine. All have failed to move the needle. It is perhaps a fitting display of denial, that Republicans who would gladly sacrifice their freedom and liberty (and even their lives) to remain faithful to their leader, consider themselves fiercely independent.

Steven L. Pappas, Salt Lake City