Letter: Sean Reyes is Trump’s pawn

(Screenshot via MSNBC) In a photo broadcast Tuesday on MSNBC, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, second from left, is seen in attendance at an indoor rally for President Donald Trump on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020.

Our attorney general, the guy who seldom passes up a photo op with our president and chief COVID denier Donald Trump, has been tested 20 times for COVID-19 in the last month. Do you know anyone else who receives that much COVID testing? Do the meat packers in northern Utah receive that level of concern? How about our teachers — do they?

Seems like if you are tested every two or three days, you would start getting careless, like by attending illegal indoor rallies in other states even as new infections spike again at home. Shame on you and the example you set, Sean Reyes. You are a pawn.

Norman Anderson, Holladay

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