Jimmy Kimmel has found the dumbest person on earth living right here in Utah. This would be news if not for the fact that the Beehive State cornered the market on stupidity long ago — just look at Utah County and a commission chamber full of COVID-19 conveyors.

Our reputation for idiocy perhaps is most apparent in the hypocrites Utahns elect to public office. Two examples:

• Mike Lee, a senator who buys a house he can’t afford and leaves his bank holding the bag, yet wants to teach us all an economics lesson by shutting down the government, a government he was elected to manage.

• Rep. Chris Stewart, who, like the president whose boots he licks, is defined by hypocrisy. He criticizes Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman for wearing his U.S. Army service uniform to testify before Congress, then poses in his own Air Force flight suit to beg for campaign donations.

Jimmy Kimmel, you aren’t telling us anything we don’t already know. We actually elected these guys. More than once.

Terry Orme, Sandy