Things I don’t understand:

How record-setting wildfires on the West Coast and record-setting tropical storms are not climate change related.

How promising to not have military and government employees pay back the payroll tax “break” is not attempting to buy votes.

How cutting payroll taxes will not cause Social Security to run out earlier.

How ignoring COVID-19 somehow will make it go away.

How fighting to prevent your taxes from being released fulfills your promise to release them.

How imprisoning children at the border somehow supports your “pro-life” position.

How replacing the border wall counts as building a new one.

How giving a tax break to the rich somehow helps me.

How professing hatred and provoking violence somehow proves you are Christian.

How putting crooks and traitors in your Cabinet is “draining the swamp.”

I have lots of other questions that I need to understand, but the most troubling is how our upstanding Republican representatives continue to blindly support a man who has done nothing to earn it.

Paul Davis, Logan