Letter: Rep. Curtis is a climate hero

Rep. John Curtis, you’re the climate hero we young Republicans have been looking for.

My junior year at Brigham Young University, I gave John a giant purple “Y” filled with thank you letters from my fellow Republicans and students. Y? (dad pun intended.) Because he’d developed a “Clean Air Toolkit” for Provo. That was all we young, climate-anxious Republicans could hope for.

Turns out we bet too small.

As reported in the Aug. 25 story, Rep. Curtis explained to his Sutherland Institute audience that the GOP must stop calling climate change a hoax.

In his inspiring speech, Curtis exhibited leadership, vision and practicality that our political leaders from both sides today rarely let us see. He called out the left for radical, unreasonable climate proposals, and the right for ignoring the issue entirely. He dared call for reason and practicality in addressing climate change. And ironically that’s considered radical by both sides.

Our deep divide has robbed our political leaders of reason and foresight. Curtis is trying to bring both back through practical solutions to climate change.

Today, standing in the middle is no man’s land. It’s political suicide. But there stands John Curtis, a lone voice of reason. I, and many of the next generation, stand with him.

I hope Utah will as well.

Nicholas Huey, Taylorsville

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