Letter: Open your ballot and cast your vote

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) In this Nov. 1, 2016, photo, mail-in ballots for the 2016 General Election are shown at the elections ballot center at the Salt Lake County Government Center, in Salt Lake City.

It is a federal offense to tamper with the mail. By exploiting the fear of a virus, a current domestic threat may slow down the mail service that we will depend on to vote safely.

As citizens, countrymen and patriots, we must all help defend every citizen's constitutional right to vote by mail if they so choose.

I trust our mail carriers will work as hard and as long as is necessary to deliver our ballots. We have a duty to help them. When you receive your ballot, do not set it aside. It is the most important thing you will do that day. Open it and cast your vote. Then, that same day, take it to a mailbox in front of your nearest post office rather than one on a street corner or your own mailbox.

By voting and mailing it back the day it is received, we can support our postal workers by reducing the crunch of ballots that invariably occurs from procrastinating until just days before they are due. By taking it directly to the post office, we might reduce the amount of mail our postal workers have to collect and transport. If possible, offer help to a neighbor who needs assistance with their ballot.

Most importantly, request a mail-in ballot and vote. This election, it's going to take an indisputable number of votes to get our message delivered.

Paul Zuckerman, Salt Lake City

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