Come on, churches. All you really have to do is say: “We’re in!”

Embrace Julie Day’s suggestion to open up the churches to get the schools the social distancing space they need.

We all know that Utah is at the top of the national list for school overcrowding. You would be stepping up and addressing our number one problem.

It would give us all a fresh start. It would unleash all kinds of energy where the whole community would be pulling in the same direction. And, I dare say, a whole bunch of people will start to get some sleep again. (And, by the way, it would shine a world-wide spotlight on many of the things the church does best.)

These are our kids we are putting in harm’s way, supposedly to mitigate possible mental health concerns. If we are concerned for their mental health, think of them living the next 50 years pondering how they brought the virus home and grandma died. There are literally lives on the line here.

I know you can do this, and do a bang-up job, without even breaking a sweat.

Steven Jepperson, Sandy