I am an owner of both an alcoholic beverage manufacturing company with a package agency license and a bar. Needless to say these are challenging times.

Weekly, we see bars and restaurants closing because they can’t pay their bills with only 50% occupancy. As manufacturers, many of us are facing the same issues with reduced demand from bars and restaurants or reduced orders from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Currently, there are about 35 breweries, 15 distilleries and a handful of cideries and wineries in the state. You can help us survive under these conditions for another year.

Here is how you can help. Wear a mask. Don’t endanger the health of our staff for comfort reasons. If you can, buy directly from the package agency of your favorite beverage maker.

Know that buying direct rather than from the DABC liquor store increases the revenues of the manufacturer by about a third.

Make a point to dine out or order takeout. Don’t make a reservation and fail to show. Restaurants have limited space and your table for eight no-show might reduce a restaurant’s revenues by 25% in a given night.

Thanks for your continued support. We need you to survive.

Jeff Carleton
, Salt Lake City