I saw on TV news that peaceful protesters in Davis County were protesting that they wanted their schools to open five days a week with full instruction. One woman carried a sign that said, “Liquor stores are open.”

Comparing the opening of liquor stores in Utah has nothing to do with schools being open five days a week with students, vulnerable teachers, their parents, grandparents or autoimmune suppressed people in their households.

Liquor stores that reopened after the shutdown are the safest, best run stores in Utah. They only allow 10 people in the store at a time. Customers with masks wait outside in line, six feet apart. There is an attendant at the door at all times. All of the carts are sanitized. They have plexiglass shields at the checkouts and 6-foot markers in the lines.

Customers are polite and avoid walking in your direction. The employees are brief in their discourse with customers in accordance with what medical experts have advised.

Does this woman with the sign even presume to think that schools will be able to operate with this efficiency? A school full of kids and teachers in a building all day long can’t possibly adhere to these standards.

Medical experts have found that young children carry very high amounts of the virus, and although they may not get that sick, they are capable of carrying it to others. Get real. Don’t compare apples to oranges.

School systems have to gauge their reopening based on science and the best interests of their employees, students and the community. This is why I don’t trust protesters. They don’t always know the facts and they perpetuate misinformation.

Nancy Dial, Cottonwood Heights