Our daughter came to say goodbye to us today. No, she is not moving far away. She’s a teacher.

Teachers go back to school Monday with all the other teachers and their contacts. The students join them the next Monday, with their myriad of extra contacts. She came to say good-bye because we are older, and have some risk factors. She cannot bear the thought of bringing a potentially deadly virus over here and infecting us. I’m sure this scenario is playing out in many homes across the country.

Teachers being called to save the economy in spite of the dangers, the low pay, the loss of friends and family. How many teachers, students, and their families will we say good-bye to, forever? Who will carry the guilt of bringing home a virus that kills their family member, forever?

It’s too soon. The infection rate is too high. School should be online only until the numbers come down. It is not safe.

Tena Rohr, Salt Lake City