I lost all respect for the Jazz and the NBA when I saw the picture on the front page of the July 31 Tribune. At that moment, the flag of our country was completely forgotten and the words to the anthem were meaningless. I am a veteran and I cannot believe what has become of the respect we used to have for our nation.

Many men have died for that flag and for the freedoms it stands for. They would gladly stand up if they could. The least we can do is stand and honor it for them. We should always stand proudly and salute when the anthem is being played, out of respect for their sacrifice and what the flag stands for: one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Are we to allow kneeling for every cause that comes along? Could not the team have knelt for a moment of silence for Black Lives Matter after the anthem was played?

Clement A. Kester, Santaquin