While I’m grateful that Katie Krongard became suddenly aware of the importance of the Salt Lake City School Board, it’s unfortunate that she chose to call out one of its members based on a very narrow experience.

Ms. Krongard clearly does not have a full understanding of Katherine Kennedy’s contributions to the students and educators of the Salt Lake School District. For over 14 years, I have witnessed firsthand Katherine’s tireless efforts stepping up to support educators and all students as a parent and now a school board member. For example, she stepped up to teach my son’s second grade class after their beloved teacher suddenly died. Her willingness to step up provided continuity and stability for a class of mourning students. She has been a strong advocate for community learning centers as well as food pantries for students in need. She attends countless School Community Council, PTA, etc., meetings to stay informed and provides meaningful input at every opportunity. She has a unique ability to rally people around a cause and the drive to see it through to the end.

She strived to achieve the vision statement for the SLC School Board of “Excellence and Equity: Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day” even before she was elected to serve in that capacity.

I know Katherine to be a fierce advocate for students, a strong supporter of educators and a generous soul. If Ms. Krongard had taken the time to get to know the SLC School Board candidates before calling for Katherine to “step up or step down,” I’m confident that she would see the person I know who has been stepping up for all students for years. I’m incredibly grateful for the impact Katherine’s hard work has had on my children’s education.

Kim Shelley, Salt Lake City