Postponing the Olympics? Of course. Major League Baseball? If we must. First day of school? Yes, we must! But the elections? President Trump, are you that desperate?

No, Il Duce. Mail-in balloting does not a fraudulent election make.

Do you know what does? How about openly calling on Russia or China to interfere in the elections? How about systematic gerrymandering that dilutes the majority party’s influence? How about implementing poll taxes for former felons?

Or removing names of voters from the rolls with the assumption that they are probably non-white, and thus non-Republican? Or how about forcing U.S. citizens to choose between voting safely by mail or voting in person at great risk of contracting a deadly virus that you have ignored?

Mr. Trump, we know you are an expert on fraud. So are we. And as George Bush once tried to say, “We won’t be fooled again.”

Marc Hoenig, Salt Lake City