We were delighted when a sparkling new Maverik store opened just a few short blocks from us. I was relieved and grateful to see a firm “masks required” sign posted at all the entrances. Imagine my disappointment when, upon entering, I saw that at least half the customers were not wearing a mask. Most of them were members of the very same groups who seem to be struggling with high infection rates.

The staff did not say or do anything.

No one is asking for heroics or a police state when we shop, and I understand that enforcing mandates for stubborn people is challenging. However, if Maverik chooses to take a stand, they should enforce it, as other retailers do.

I approached an employee and stated that they should confront those refusing to comply. Her response was akin to, "I know, but what can we do?"

The simple answer would be to pick a side of the fence and stay there.

Lon Wray, West Valley City