Today, many corporations, sports teams and schools are changing their names, and it's long overdue.

People of color in subservient roles on baked goods and Native Americans as a team mascot for mostly white people’s enjoyment must come to an end. Just because you and several generations of your family have used these images doesn’t make it right to continue the practice.

The way some students show their complete lack of knowledge of American history by using the phrase “Trail of Tears” is truly disturbing. For God’s sake, pick up a book.

Why not use the phrase from the sign over Auschwitz “Work Shall Set You Free”? I mean, if you’re going to offend, why not go all in, right?

As for the clueless mayor of Bountiful, would you be easily offended if the school mascot were, say, a salamander? If the kids wore white long johns and shouted, “We are going to win and then you will become white and delightsome”? If each male student were surrounded by five or six girls gleefully looking up at him?

I’m sure that sounds ridiculous and offensive, but that’s only because it is.

In spite of what the mayor of Bountiful or the Bountiful alumni think, change is not hard or complicated. It just takes a little determination, some compassion for the feelings of other people and a willingness to do what is right.

Unfortunately, we all know too well that people like the mayor of Bountiful and some of the alumni would rather have it their way and the “right way” be damned.

R. Brown, Taylorsville