Letter: Supreme Court honors land treaty

(Manuel Balce Ceneta | AP file photo) In this Oct. 4, 2018 photo, the U.S. Supreme Court is seen at sunset in Washington.

Mark July 9 on your calendar, not just for the Supreme Court decisions announced that day regarding President Trump’s personal finances, but also because of another decision announced by “The Supremes.”

They declared, by a narrow 5-4 decision, that more than half of the state of Oklahoma must be honored as lands granted by historic treaty to the Muscogee Nation.

Oklahoma, despite the hideous perforation just about everywhere by oil drill rigs, and despite the ultimate poisoning by lead-zinc mining in the northeastern part of the state, in a place pejoratively branded “Tar Creek” (my home area, where my parents are buried in a Superfund site), can still be healed, if we set our minds and treasuries to the purpose.

We’d love to see the faces of QAnon followers and other avowed white supremacists, who abound among the Okies, when they digest the meaning of their status as guests on Tribal lands.

The “great” in Trump’s “MAGA” campaign motto has been revealed as the hyper-racist expression intended by his immigration policy adviser, Stephen Miller, representing the radical right, absorbing a deserved blow in this Supreme Court upholding of a legitimate treaty.

Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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