Letter: Congress must help us through the pandemic

(Patrick Semansky | AP file photo) Light shines from inside the U.S. Capitol dome at dusk on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 3, 2020.

The number one concern among citizens in the country is the coronavirus pandemic and the economic toll it has taken. In Utah alone, the unemployment rate is over 11%.
With cases currently spiking, our senators and representatives seem apathetic to the health toll it could take and have opted to stand by as the state reopens with no focus on providing safety to our citizens. What’s worse is the apparently willing blindness to the fact that this spike could have a larger economic toll than what prompted the first stimulus package.
There is a way, however, where we can provide economic stability to our citizens while also ensuring their health and wellness. Namely, a perpetual stimulus check to individuals of $1,200 a month until this crisis has passed.
This would be the single most effective and simplistic measure to take. It would guarantee the stability of the economy while also making sure we can handle this health crisis in an appropriate manner.

Sens. Mitt and Mike Lee, Reps. Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Ben McAdams, we ask something very simple of you so that all of your constituents can maintain the safety financially and health-wise that you are already afforded. Help us get through this pandemic.
Nate Allen, Clinton
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