I support the efforts of Rep. Mike Winder and Sen. Curt Bramble to introduce ranked-choice voting in Utah. The candidate with the broadest possible voter support should win. Candidates would have to appeal to more voters instead of just their base.

Ranked-choice voting would also eliminate costly run-off elections, which are usually decided by the most committed voters as the rest of the electorate has little interest in voting several times.

Now, if the two legislators would follow through on their thought process, they would also push for Utah to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This is an agreement among states to back the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote, regardless of how the vote in their own state turned out.

As of now, all but two states award all electoral votes (Utah has six electoral votes) to the winner of the state election. The candidate who wins at least 270 electoral votes wins the presidency. In 2016, Donald Trump won even though he lost the popular vote. The same happened in four other elections, too.

So far, states representing 196 electoral votes have joined the pact. Once enough states join, the popular vote takes precedence over the state votes. After all, the presidency is a national office which represents all Americans, not just a few battleground states. A recent Supreme Court case allowed states to allocate electoral votes as they wish.

What’s good for Utah, should be good for the nation as a whole, shouldn’t it?

Thomas Fritz, Sandy