The Salt Lake Tribune published an AP article by Ellen Knickmeyer that may give some of an insight into the workings of this current administration in regards to EPA rollbacks.

Perchlorate, a neurotoxin, is considered a contaminant in explosives, i.e., think fireworks. The chemical has been found in the water at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, which resulted in the stoppage of fireworks displays there for the last decade, until this year.

Friday, our illustrious president was at Mount Rushmore co-mingling with his base.

There was an Obama-era initiative to address levels of perchlorate, which has affected 16 million Americans. The Trump administration says, to paraphrase, "these initiatives are burdensome to business and unnecessary," and will not be instituted.

The thing is, this neurotoxin affects fetuses and children and can cause measurable drops in IQ in newborns.

Wonder what is in the water the president drank?

Norman Steffen, Millcreek