I find it interesting that there is almost zero promotion of regular hand-washing. I will bet that this is the biggest reason why the coronavirus is spreading. People putting their mask on or touching their face, then touching doors into a place of business or other objects that are touched by others without clean hands.

I have also personally seen people not wash their hands when leaving a restroom during this pandemic. I myself have come face to face with people who have tested positive for coronavirus and have never got it. I live with someone who has a weakened immune system and they haven't got it.

I have always, before COVID-19, washed my hands regularly. I have always wiped down everything I touch at work down daily. And I have always carried hand sanitizer with me, both at work and on personal business. And I can't recall the last time I even had the common cold.

Maybe forced hand-washing ought to be as important as the forced wearing of a mask? I personally find hand-washing more important than a mask.

Chris Fairbanks, Herriman