COVID-19 cases have spiked alarmingly in Utah, tripling and quadrupling in recent weeks, yet we know enough now about how the virus spreads to easily slow, even nearly stop it. Very simply: Everyone, wear a mask.

Want to buy groceries whenever you want? Wear a mask.

Want a haircut? Wear a mask.

Want to run into a convenience store late at night? Wear a mask.

Want to go to the mall? Wear a mask.

Want everyone to stay on the job? Wear a mask.

Want to help your neighbors and serve your community? Wear a mask.

Want to go to church? Wear a mask.

Want a thriving economy? Wear a mask.

Want freedom? Wear a mask.

It doesn't help that when state leaders emphasize that everyone needs to be wearing masks to open up, that even the green "new normal" means we have to wear masks, the paper buries that information at the end of an article and state leaders make no effort to actually inform the public of this fact. But we can all slow the spread and keep Utah open if we only make this small effort whenever we go to any public place: Everyone, always wear a mask.

Stephanie Asplund, Layton