Growing up in the 1970s, I often rode in the far back of my family’s station wagon, waving at the cars behind us. No one thought about seat belts back then.

Today it’s “Click it or Ticket,” but I don’t consider wearing a seat belt an imposition. It is worth it to me to improve my chances at survival should I be in a car crash.

Every night on the news I hear that even though COVID-19 infections are on the rise in Utah, we really need to get things back to normal to save the economy. Increasing evidence suggests that if more of us wore masks, it could significantly reduce the spread of COVID. Yet when I venture out to do my grocery shopping, it seems like most people haven’t gotten the message.

I find it interesting that the government insists I wear a seat belt (for my own safety) but leaves mask-wearing during this pandemic — in public spaces where you can’t maintain social distance — up to “personal responsibility.”

I get that Utahns don’t like the government getting in the way of their “freedom,” I just hope your exercise of it doesn’t kill me or someone I love.

Amy Ireland, Alpine