Letter: Maybe we need guns after all

(Photo courtesy of Mike Lee) Senator Mike Lee meets with members of the Utah National Guard in Washington, D.C.

I could see guns used for hunting and for self-defense, with the caveat that military weapons were unnecessary. I could see guns used for target shooting, with the caveat that military weapons should only be owned by and used at commercial shooting ranges.

But I never could see guns used for a well-regulated militia, and I never could see guns used for protection against tyranny. I always found those far-fetched ideas.

Well, maybe I was wrong.

Considering that President Donald Trump dispatched the military to Washington, D.C., and used it against the media and peaceful protestors asserting their First Amendment rights, while also threatening to use it across the country, gun-rights supporters just might have a point.

From their rhetoric, I believe they felt the tyranny would arise from a Democratic president rather than a far-right Republican president, but this is the situation in which we find ourselves.

So, what are gun-rights supporters to do now? Since Trump said he was mobilizing the military in part to protect their Second Amendment rights, do they form their own militia to dominate protesters throughout the country, whether peaceful or not? Or do they use their weapons to fight against this tyrannical Trump government?

I’m just curious. I might believe anything now.

Pam Allen, South Jordan

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