The jester is the only one who can speak truth to the king. He’s kept close by and supported by everyone, no matter how close his words come to offending.

History and even current affairs show what happens when people become so rich and powerful that they fail to keep a jester close by, someone who will speak the truth they may not want to hear. Napoleon wasn’t so well informed, Gen. Custer had no one. Michael Jackson didn’t have a soul to tell him the truth.

Donald Trump, as a person who could never laugh at himself, keeps firing people who don’t say what he wants to hear. Jesters have an ongoing and vital role of providing critical satire in a way that helps us chuckle first, then be advised.

If Chase Kimball wants to cancel his Tribune subscription because of Pat Bagley’s truth-telling, he can be well warned. Yes, there have been cartoons that made me wince. It quits being funny when you just don’t want to see it, and surely that’s when you most need to.

Bravo, Tribune, for publishing our favorite jester, Pat Bagley. Thanks for the courage to tell it like it is, as badly as that hurts.

Pamela Holman, Salt Lake City