Letter: Captain should go down with her university

(Photo courtesy of University of Utah) Ruth V. Watkins is the president of the University of Utah.

Will the Lauren McCluskey tragedy ever end at the University of Utah? This beautiful, intelligent outstanding student-athlete was let down by all the people who were there to protect her and was killed outside her dorm by a former boyfriend as a result.

At the top of the Ute totem pole is U. president Ruth Watkins, who refused to let the school take the blame because she said McCluskey’s killer Melvin S. Rowland was not a U. student. But McCluskey was, and it was the university’s job to protect her at all costs and didn’t.

Now we see where a former U. cop Miguel Deras was passing intimate photos of McCluskey around when he should have been investigating Rowland’s blackmail scheme and checking on the killer’s parole status.

Isn’t it time for the university to man up and pay the McCluskey family’s lawsuit and seek Watkins’ resignation. The captain should go down with the ship.

Marty Bernstein, Midvale

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