An open letter to Sen. Mitt Romney.

As I’ve asked before, either get behind our president or change your affiliation to Democrat, your apparent party of choice.

The latest example of your contempt for President Trump is calling his firing of four inspectors generals a “threat to accountable democracy.”

That is precisely the president's administrative prerogative. Senator, you are out of bounds and in contempt.

Each of these were appointed by President Obama. Trump was very temperate by keeping them in his administration this long. If you aren’t aware, these people work for the administration and can be fired by the administration.

Some of us feel that several federal agencies have been complicit, as you are, in carrying the Democrats’ water.

I personally felt Trump should have fired several levels of Obama bureaucracy when he came into office, i.e. the State Department, IRS, FBI, CIA, etc. You and the Democrats would have objected, but it would have reduced the threat caused by leaking lying liberals doing harm to the United States.

You should change your party affiliation because you will not be reelected as a Republican. Please be on the side of draining the swamp not being in the swamp.

Gene Sturzenegger, St. George