I just made my first trip to Costco in two months. It wasn’t without trepidation. It was well-calculated, timed when the traffic was minimal, focused shopping.

The greeter requested proof of membership and said a mask was required. The shopper in front of us did not have a mask. No mask, no admittance. He was visibly frustrated.

The first question the greeter posed was, “Do you have a mask in your car?” The answer was no, and to that she offered a mask.

For me this served as an educational moment. This is what we should all be doing to protect others. You are not protecting yourself, you are protecting me, the public and all those employees who come to work every day.

The greeter handled the situation with a matter-of-fact poise. I only hope this moment translated into a special moment for this shopper to carry out this practice whenever he ventures into a brick-and-mortar business.

By wearing a mask, you give those around you to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is life’s new norm.

Hats off to Costco, a private industry that is outstepping government protecting the public by establishing COVID-19 protection.

Janet Mueller, Salt Lake City