On Aug. 2, 1974, Republican Sens. Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott and Rep. John Rhodes went to the White House and informed President Richard Nixon that he did not have the support to survive the hearings and would be impeached. One week later on Aug. 9, Nixon resigned.

After his resignation, 69 members of Nixon's administration were indicted for various crimes and 48 of those were convicted.

Where are the Barry Goldwaters today? Where are the true patriots today?

Most of us can see who and what Donald Trump is, yet the Republican members of Utah's delegation to Congress choose to not only ignore him they choose willingly to both support and promote him. They shield him at all costs. As bad as Trump is, his enablers are nearly as bad. When Trump does down they will go down with him and with good cause.

It's certain that Sen. Mike Lee and Reps. Chris Stewart, Rob Bishop and John Curtis do not have the courage to be a patriot. But a Republican somewhere hopefully does have that courage.

Mr. Stewart, Curtis, Bishop and Lee, you all know in your heart of hearts just who and what Trump is. For the sake of the country and your own conscience speak out now. It will not only clear your conscience it might just put your names in the patriot category of Barry Goldwater.

I did not include Mitt Romany for two reasons. He was at least brave enough to speak out and vote for at least one of two articles of impeachment. The second reason is for the speech he made during the campaign warning us of the danger of electing Trump.

I will add just a small part of that speech here, as it lasted for 23 minutes. Romney stated,

"If Donald Trump's plans were ever implemented the country would sink into a prolonged recession." "His bankruptcies have crushed small business men and women that worked for him." "How about Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, Vodka, Steaks and Mortgage."

“After all this, Trump is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter, attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle, mocked a female rival who happened to be a woman due to her appearance, bragged about his marital affairs and laces his public speeches with vulgarity. … His boasts of sexual exploits during the Viet Nam War. … Dishonesty is Donald Trump’s hallmark."

Until a Republican somewhere reaches down into his soul and disavows Trump, we are pretty much doomed.

Jack Luder, Daybreak Village