Regarding the article “LDS Church stock riches drop by $8 billion” on May 21st.

Who cares?

Does a Salt Lake Tribune reader care? No. Do we care so much that we want three-fourths of a page used for this story? No.

It has already been reported that the LDS Church has a secret “rainy day,” save-for-the-last-days stockpile of $100 billion that they didn’t want their members to know about and aren’t going to spend. Why would we need to be kept up-to-date on the health of this stock holding?

In the same article, we were informed of the church’s humanitarian aid during the pandemic. Kudos on the medical and hygiene supplies donated around the world. And for the $5.5 million cash donation to aid agencies, thanks, church, for recognizing this is a rainy day and for giving 0.005% of the amount of that stock holding. And just to put that in perspective for the everyday man, that is 0.0001of $1. So, all I can say about that is whoop-de-dang-doo.

When something big happens and some serious money is used for good, sure, we want to know. But, this? No.

Shauna Clark, Salt Lake City