In the May 17 Salt Lake Tribune was an article about the money the Bureau of Land Management needs to cull the growing wild horse population.

Another approach would be to increase the price of grazing rights sold to ranchers, which is $1.41 per month per animal. That is a steal. You cannot even feed your dog or cat on $1.41 a month. They should also reduce the number of permits sold.

As the article stated, cows do way more damage to the grazing land and, I believe, to the banks of streams flowing through them.

Cut back on the number of horses rounded up for auction and sometimes death, either from the stress of being chased into corrals by helicopters and riders and the probability of being slaughtered, because the BLM cannot manage the care needed for the captured horses.

When I used to hunt, I would sometimes be surrounded by cows, and witnessed them destroy rivers by trampling the banks and defecating in and around the river.

Those ranchers who are using our public lands do not pay enough for the destruction of land that is all of ours to use.

I would much rather see a wild horse than cattle on our lands.

Paul Jerominski, Salt Lake City