I have read much from Salt Lake Tribune readers about the negatives of COVID-19.

The federal government is too slow to react. (It is.) People are panicking in the stores and over-buying supplies. (They are.) The list goes on.

However, The Tribune is publishing very little about the good things that people are doing. Let me, then, acknowledge the wonderful kindnesses that my wife and I have been shown by our neighbors.

We are in our 70s, and are at high risk for the virus. Not a day goes by that we are not contacted in some way by our caring neighbors asking, “Do you have enough food?” “What can we pick up for you?” “Are both of you staying well?” This list goes on, too.

We were caught a little short of distilled water, used for medical purposes. Our sweet neighbors and friends have seen to it that we have a good supply. Thank you all, for setting the kind of example that everyone should follow.

Tom Lewis, Sandy