Letter: When candidates drop out, it’s clear ranked voting is needed

Voters cast their ballots at Ogden's Union Station during Utah's Super Tuesday primary, Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (Leah Hogsten /The Salt Lake Tribune via AP)

I knew who I wanted to vote for in the primary on Super Tuesday. Mail-in ballots are great for seniors and the handicapped. Who of us can stand in line for hours? And it’s probably more secure than using a machine.

Despite having to pay return postage, I see it as a step forward if it were a possible option for every voter.

I waited many days, but wanted to make sure the ballot would not get held up in the mail system. I was excited! Then my candidate pulled out of the race just before Super Tuesday. There had been a long list of contenders to choose from on the ballot, but we had to vote for one. In the end my vote did not count. I was then aware of what ranked voting could have meant. Should we consider this voting option to avoid wasted votes and disappointed voters? Most of us would be willing to wait longer for results if we knew our vote had really meant something.

Eva J. McLellan, St. George

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