As a former member of the Republican Party, I was both pleased and amused to receive the official Democratic party primary ballot in the mail last week.

I was pleased because there is absolutely no way I will vote for the GOP presidential candidate this year. I was amused because, in the same excessive approach that kept me from the Democratic Party for the previous 40 years, their ballot offers 16 alternative candidates to Donald Trump.

I have yet to decide which of those many candidates I will support on Super Tuesday, but I look forward thereafter to several additional months of debate, discovery and decision before my newfound party determines which of its candidates will be the most competent, responsive, and trustworthy nominee.

Arriving at that decision may, at times, be a frustrating and divisive process, but I certainly prefer it to just one ignorant, dismissive and corrupt choice, as proffered by the Party of Trump.

John Pitt, Farmington