Letter: Don’t judge people by their wealth

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo) Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, the multibillionaire former New York City mayor, made his second visit to Utah on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020 to campaign ahead of the state's primary on Super Tuesday.

Judging someone by their wealth and/or lack thereof is not only judgmental, it is a form of bigotry.

Similar to racism or religious prejudice, judging someone on their wealth and not their actions is vile, unfair and unreasonable. It’s as bad as saying she isn’t qualified because she’s a woman. He’s got too much money is a useless judgement.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not above spending millions of poor people’s money to get themselves elected while having multiple houses and millions of their own money. So what is the cutoff point of being an acceptable human being?

I have more than Bernie and less than Warren and am willing to pay more in taxes to provide better health care for all. How much more do I have to make to become a pariah according to Bernie, Warren and others who think it's a sin to be rich?

I was embarrassed to watch them ruthlessly attack someone based solely on their financial status.

Please, let's judge people by their deeds, opinions and actions, not on race, sex, religion, social and/or financial status.

Trump may have tons of money but he wants to cut services to the poor to provide tax cuts for the rich.

Mike Bloomberg, please stand up for yourself and America and bring fairness and respect back to our previously great country.

Bruce Barnes, Midway

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