Honestly, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Our dear legislators have gerrymandered our great state of Utah so that only the dominant voice may be heard. When their laws are so bad the electorate bands together to assert the will of the people (food tax, Medicaid, medical marijuana, ahem, gerrymandering), our dear legislators scold, patronize and then mostly disregard us.

They kick and scream about “states’ rights” in disputes with the federal government, but then usurp the voice of the citizens of its largest city (regarding the inland port).

And watch out when one of their own has the temerity to question party doctrine. “Censure him!”

Thank you, Sen. Mitt Romney, for upholding your duty to be an impartial juror. Now, we voters have some work to do.

Erica Marken, Salt Lake City