I am not upset that Trump remains in office after his recent impeachment trial.

He shouldn’t remain, of course, as Sen. Mitt Romney argued so eloquently in his speech explaining his removal vote.

But the fact that Republicans senators have otherwise closed ranks around a man so unfit for office now stands as clear evidence to the American people that the R-party has lost its way. Their beloved incumbent is shown and known to have broken his vows to uphold our Constitution and to have obstructed Congress.

The American people watched their House of Representatives present a compelling case to the Senate and to the American people, and they watched the Trump-supporting legislators contrive the charade that Trump is being treated unfairly in a flawed process.

That’s rich. The world champions in the game of dirty pool get all up in a lather by creating the story that their opponents are playing dirty pool!

So, the evidence is now before us all to see. The people have thus been armed with the information they need to decide that Trump needs to go (or not). Congress did not remove him via impeachment, which avoided stirring up untold collateral damage of voters claiming they were robbed of their elective choice.

Great. Voting Trump out will be a much better way to remove him, the more resoundingly, the better.

Kendall Robins, Sandy