Dear Sen. Romney,

Thank you. I am sure you are receiving many unpleasant emails and calls. I would like to add to the other and, likely, much smaller list of those who are grateful.

My wife and I have three young kids and it has been very difficult to explain the lack of respectful dialogue, civility and moral courage we are seeing across all aspects of our country, starting with the president. You demonstrated our highest values this past week and in doing so offered a light amid the darkness.

We are Democrats from Seattle, and I want you to know that I support you, not because you voted with the Democrats, but because you voted against your party knowing the consequences you would likely face. That was an act of true moral courage and integrity and exemplified the values we hope to teach to our children.

As a rabbi, I find it can be difficult to point to leaders living out their faith in ways that transcend religious particularism and point to the oneness of our nation under God. Your speech and your vote exemplified the lonely man of faith giving strength and hope to millions.

In your action and words, you helped strengthen that narrow bridge and teach us all not to be afraid.

B'Shalom (In peace),

Rabbi Will Berkovitz, Seattle