Sen. Mitt Romney says now is not the time for a balance of powers debate about the Middle East. He opposes the resolution that Sen. Mike Lee is co-sponsoring asking the president to seek congressional approval before taking further military action regarding Iran.

I ask Sen. Romney: When is the right time for such a recalibration of the balance of powers? When the issue is not so pressing and so off-the-radar? Congressional action is unlikely to happen then. Now, when people’s attention is focused on Iran, is precisely when Congress should decisively act to curb the president’s war powers.

Given the administration’s shifting, conflicting and evasive reasons for the assassination of Iran’s top general, more senators should align with Lee and the resolution’s sponsors. For too long, Congress has ceded its co-equal status to the executive branch in matters related to war and the military.

Rochelle Kaplan, Cottonwood Heights