I’m anxiously waiting to hear from Jason Chaffetz, the former Utah representative from the 3rd Congressional District.

That guy who quit midterm after making a name for himself actively disparaging Hillary Clinton by promoting lies, lies and more lies: Benghazi! Russian deals! Fake charity! Lock her up! Remember him?

Apparently U.S. Attorney John Huber found nothing “worth pursuing” in the latest investigation. After digging down 200 feet, Jason would undoubtedly insinuate they didn’t dig deep enough. Another 400, maybe 600 feet ought to do the trick. Or, at the very least, they could make something up.

I read that Donald Trump is claiming, at a recent campaign rally, direct responsibility for the negotiated peace between Ethiopia and its longtime rival Eritrea, earning Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed the Nobel Peace Prize.

I guess Donald feels slighted — “I made the deal! ... I saved a country!” — and didn’t get the honors or recognition for his efforts. The fake news strikes again!

The worshiping masses scream, yell and holler, working themselves into a frothy frenzy in their fanatic adulation. All while Ethiopia is questioning and disputing that claim.

Lies, lies and more lies, piled up upon even more lies. Does it ever stop? It’s all just one big ol’ pile of happy horse puckey. I don’t know what’s worse. The liars, the lies or the people who actually continue to believe and support them.

Peter A. Orum, Salt Lake City