As the season of giving and receiving winds down and a new year begins, my thoughts return again and again to the gifts of the earth. Air to breathe, water to drink, land to cultivate and dwell on — all the elements we owe our existence to made possible by and thanks to the diverse, complex planet that we are privileged to call home.

The gifts of the earth, which are fundamental to our existence, are so intrinsic to our human experience that they are easy to overlook, ignore and take for granted. But as our planet experiences rapid changes caused by climate change, we can no longer take these gifts for granted and assume they will be forthcoming.

We are at a crossroads and must usher in a new era of stewardship toward the land that gives us life. It is time for us to reciprocate and gift to our earth actions to ensure its well-being. To do less is to imperil all our futures. Let's make this new decade one of climate action and give the planet its due — which will benefit all of us.

Liz Haigh, Salt Lake City