Full disclosure: I am an old, white man and a liberal Democrat.

The GOP has one argument right. There is a glaring flaw in the impeachment investigation and hearings. The interference in our elections is about more than massaging Donald J. Trump's thirst for power.

What they have wrong is the lack of attention to the fact, well demonstrated by the president, that all of his actions are in service to Vladimir Putin's drive to revive imperial Russia and to subjugate all of Eastern Europe to it.

That Russian program explains most of what Trump has been doing ever since he met with Putin as a private businessman. His meetings with Putin and his highest aides have been held out of hearing of anyone who might record what was said as they planned their next steps.

Trump is trying to pay off his hundreds of millions of dollar debt to the ruling clique of Russia, and control of our government is the payment required of him. That payment is the auction price for the USA.

Cal North, Kearns