The moment of truth is upon us. Will our representatives and senators protect our Constitution, or will they choose to further their political agenda?

Friday morning we found out that Reps. Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Rob Bishop chose to flush our Constitution down the toilet (10-15 times) so that they can have Trump pursue policies that they support.

Sen. Mike Lee has informed the residents of Utah that he is OK with President Trump putting his personal interests ahead of our country’s national interests, prior to even the Senate conducting a trial. So much for “our” constitutional “expert” defending the Constitution.

We all know that in the end Sen. Mitt Romney will vote with his party, although he is “troubled” by Trump’s behavior.

So knowing what we know about Utah’s elected “leaders” and how they are OK with Trump’s behavior, I call on Russia, China, Iran, oh hell, every country to interfere in Utah’s congressional elections to defeat the Republicans. Hey if it’s OK for the president to do it, why not us citizens?

Way to go, GOP. You have officially sanctioned criminal behavior toward our elections.

Ryan Hinkins, Salt Lake City