Letter: Tell the whole story of Westminster

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Nate Martin, a freshman at Westminster College in Salt Lake City is worried about a recently announced tuition increase. The hike on tuition and fees came as a surprise to many students who heard it first in rumors and then later in an email from the school’s president. Most tuition increases at Westminster are 2 or 3% bumps and aren’t announced until the spring. This one — the largest in at least a decade there — came early and is 8.5%.

Westminster College is an important contributor to our community and a respected educational institution. Your coverage of their tuition hike (“Students at Westminster upset over tuition hike,” Dec. 5) could do more to highlight the college’s aid to its students.

Compared to other private colleges, Westminster’s students enjoy low tuition and excellent training. The real story here is Westminster’s commitment to affordable education for a diverse group of youngsters. Instead of criticizing this longstanding Salt Lake institution, report on its good intentions and committed faculty.

Jeffrey McCarthy, Salt Lake City

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