And so it begins.

With the hiring of former Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham to assist with the McCluskey family lawsuit brought against the University of Utah, the uniquely American spectacle of indignant celebrity lawyers forming their indomitable dream teams, complete with unceasing press conferences, photo ops and front-page coverage of their campaign to right a social/moral injustice is now upon us, in full array.

While there is no doubt Lauren McCluskey's death was a tragedy of the highest order, the lurking question is to ask what good will come from the McCluskeys’ efforts now before us.

The University of Utah campus might now be the safest place on Earth. A person couldn't stumble on the sidewalk without there being an exhaustive investigation followed by reams of reports and amended rules and regulations. Mission accomplished.

The McCluskeys will not find full closure to their broken hearts, even if they prevail in court. My son was tragically killed recently, not long after my wife died, and no amount of anything can stop my tears. Wounds of the heart seem only to heal with time, I'm hoping.

And after everyone goes home there will be a massive transfer of wealth from the public domain to the private sector and the lawyers will each add a new paragraph to their resumes and life will continue on. And then what?

My view from the cheap seats makes me wonder if it will all be worth the effort. I hope so.

Just saying.

Richard Ewing Davis, Stansbury Park