Letter: To understand Trump, understand Cohn

(Courtesy of Sundance Institute via AP/REX/Shuttersock) Attorney Roy Cohn whispers in the ear of red-baiting Sen. Joseph McCarthy, in an image from Matt Tyrnauer's "Where’s My Roy Cohn?", an official selection in the U.S. Documentary Competition of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

The Salt Lake Tribune ran an excellent review of the movie “Where’s My Roy Cohn?” back in October.

To fully understand President Trump, you must understand Roy Cohn, the lawyer Trump sought out in his 20s to help him win law suits over racial discrimination, etc.

Roy Cohn was the chief counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy during his hearings 1954, trying to expose communists in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Per the film, Roy Cohn was also the primary lawyer for five New York-area crime families. The crime families controlled the concrete business in New York City and he helped Donald Trump obtain the concrete for Trump Tower, one of the few buildings to be able to obtain concrete at the time.

Per the film, Roy Cohn was ruthless and taught Trump when dealing with his adversaries: Deny, deny, deny. Never give in. Never admit guilt. Hit back harder. Always use distraction, even if you have to make something up.

Roger Stone, who also has been convicted with charges relating to Trump and Russia, was also one of Roy Cohn’s students.

The film should be available soon on Amazon video or Netflix.

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City

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