Most of the center and left-of-center mainstream media, and the Democratic Party, are narrowly focused on a fool’s errand, removing Donald Trump from office by impeachment. There is little possibility that the Republican majority Senate will vote for removal.

If unseating Trump is to succeed, it must be at the 2020 ballot box. The focus on impeachment is a strategic blunder. The Democrats must develop a broad platform acceptable to the left, center and some of the right. “Anyone but Trump” as a platform is a non-starter.

Trump is backed by about 30% of potential voters; most will vote. About half of potential voters are displeased with Trump but, absent a strong Democratic contender, many may not vote. Some who are against Trump may not vote if the Democratic nominee represents the status quo or is too far left.

Those who would like Trump to lose in 2020 must coalesce around a compromise candidate, acceptable to the left and center, but also to conservative Democrats, centrist Republicans, libertarians and some Trump conservatives.

There is only one such candidate among the current contenders, Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard attracts some from the right and many from the center, while not alienating the left. She is experienced, informed, articulate and focused on service to the people. She is a combat-era veteran, woman, American Samoan and life-long Democrat, with intellectual curiosity and crossover appeal.

She will end regime change wars, reinstitute international diplomacy, bring our troops home and use the savings for critical domestic needs — health care, education, the social safety net and infrastructure. She will aggressively combat terrorism, oppose corporate domination, support a green economy, end the war on drugs, reform immigration, care for veterans and much more.

Tulsi Gabbard is a clear winner.

Dwight Burdick, Magna