I want to commend The Salt Lake Tribune for the Dec. 1 Opinion section. Nine opinion pieces, seven and a half of which were written by women, presented thoughtful analyses of situations in our state and ideas for making things better.

Angela McGuire and Margaret O’Mara studied the housing crisis and gave solutions for affordable housing. Gail Miller, Caroline Hoefer and Meghan Merideth looked at education needs for both teachers and students in Utah and shared plans for improvement. Nila Bala and Molly Davis wrote on issues with law enforcement and supervision and provided positive ideas to improve compliance. And Esther Rivas joined Samuel Ruiz in commending BYU-Idaho for reversing their Medicaid fiasco.

During times like these when the problems facing humanity seem overwhelming, it’s heartening to know there are many women working to make the world a better place.

Thanks, Trib, for giving voice to such powerful thinkers.

Linda Ricks Schmidt, Ogden