This Christmas season, consider buying your children something far more valuable than material gifts. Consider investing in experiences.

Especially for older children, an opportunity to do something unique builds a memory that will last longer than through the last few days of the year. Going somewhere new, seeing their favorite team in action, spending time away from home will build lasting memories that they will think of for many Christmases to come.

What’s cooler than a new Donovan Mitchell jersey? How about tickets to see him play? Is your daughter asking for a pony for the third year in a row? How about some horseback riding lessons?

For the most part, I couldn’t tell you what material gifts I’ve received over the years, but I can tell you where I’ve gone and what I’ve done in lieu of sitting around the tree playing with new toys for a few hours. You can’t always wrap the best presents, but maybe that’s the point.

Finley Konold, Provo